Centurion Weather

Height above sea level: 1430m.

The climate is typically warm and temperate.

Average annual temperature: 17.1 degrees centigrade.

Average annual rainfall: 708mm.

Warm season: 21 Sept to 18 March (5,9 months).

Cool season: 28 May to 1 August (2,2 months).

Windier season: 28 July to 28 November (4 months). Average of 12 km per hour.

Calmer season: 29 November to 27 July (8 months). Average of 10km per hour.

Clear, mostly clear or partly cloudy: 61%.

Overcast or mostly cloudy: 39%.

Least Cloud: 27 March to 9 October. (6,4 months)

Cloudest: 10 October to 26 March. (5,6 months)

Average Temp(C)21,621,119,81713,510,510,813,41719,420,221
Average min Temp(C)16161512855711131416
Av max Temp(C)282827252320202327282828
Average Rain(mm)136867958188562073108111
Daylight Hours13,51312,511,51110,510,5111212,513,513,5
Days with Rain976410002699